What is PromoJuice?

PromoJuice is an affordable software application built for Venues, Promoters, and Festivals that drives more revenue for your events.
The software manages your street team logistics, sells more merchandise for you, engages ticket buyers in active promotions of your event, and even shows you the most popular artists to book amongst your fan base. The application automates the tedious tracking of ambassador tasks, helps to safely sell hard tickets while protecting you, the event organizer, from lost or stolen ticket money, and even recruits new street team members as well. With the custom branded mobile app feature, powered by your PromoJuice platform, you can promote multiple events to your ticket buyers directly and announce shows with native iPhone and Android notifications. PromoJuice replaces multiple software applications you may be using at a fraction of the cost, while streamlining your data all in one place for a more comprehensive view of your event's overall promotions.

Tablet with Promo Juice App
Recruit Section of the Promo Juice App

Sell Tickets Through Your Branded Mobile App

Build your own following with your very own branded mobile app in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. Promote your shows and Push Notifications to anyone who previously dowloaded your app. Send out drink specials and get guests to book VIP table reservations. Keep everyone up to date with the latest news, and sell tickets to shows right through your app.

Recruit New Street Team Members

PromoJuice helps identify new street team members in your specified geographic area so you may invite them to your team. It also helps promote your events to possible street team members as opportunities on their dashboard which further raises awareness of your events, and continuously provides you a pool of eager street team members who want to help promote your event. Grow your street team with PromoJuice.

Recruit Section of the Promo Juice App
Monitor Progress Section of the Promo Juice App

Track Team Member Progress

Assign tasks and track your street team member’s progress towards completing goals. Track revenue from hard ticket sales, social media posts, and even view Google maps of street team flyering and poster runs to identify areas of town which need you most. Rate your best team members and identify team leaders on your team leaderboard.




Reward Your Team

Set goals based on the number of social media posts, flyer runs, and hard tickets sold and reward your team with free tickets to events, sales commissions, plus ones, VIP upgrades, or any other award you choose. With individual progress bars and team leaderboards, street team members are well aware of their progression towards earning rewards and remain motivated to accomplish your goals.

Merits Section of the Promo Juice App
Automated Transaction Management Section of the Promo Juice App

Detailed Transactional Based Reporting

View detailed reporting on all transactions across the platform including ticket sales volume, commissions owed or paid to team members, and gross profit earned. Identify quickly your best street team members who are earning you the most revenue so you can reward them instantly. Download reports as CSV files and more for accounting and auditing.

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